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MyLiveCricket is a cricket fan’s best friend. They offer free live streaming of international and domestic matches on their website, as well as League Cricket Matches like the T20 World Cup 2021, PSL 2021 or IPL 2021. You can watch My Live Cricket for free right here.

MyLiveCricket offers online access to many types of cricket games including Internationals, Domestic leagues such as T20 Big Bash League (BBL), Professional league fixtures like PSL 2021 & IP L 2021 plus more than just that – they also provide regular updates with videos and highlights from your favorite players in order to keep you up-to-date with all the action around town too.

My Live Cricket

Cricket is the second-most popular sport after Football and there are millions of Cricket fans who love watching Live Cricket matches for fun. These live broadcasts can be found on official streaming channels, including Hot Star and Sonyliv. There are also many free online cricket stream sites that provide a variety of different games to watch without cost or charge! MyLiveCricket fits into this category as well – providing you with an unlimited amount of cricket streams at your fingertips in one place.

With the world getting more connected, no one should have to miss their favorite sports. My Live Cricket is here for you! Watch all of your favorite matches in cricket with a few clicks on our website and get to know about upcoming tournaments as well by subscribing to our newsletter. Catch up live matches from Pakistan Super League (PSL), Indian Premier League (IPL) or Big Bash League (BBL). We’ll keep you updated during every tournament’s matchday so don’t forget to check back soon.

Watch World Cup T20 Live on My Live Cricket Online 2021

Cricket fans are always looking for new ways to stay connected with their favorite sport like World Cup T20. With so many sporting events being televised these days, it can be hard to find a time that works well for your schedule and still tune in live! As the world is becoming faster paced every day, people have less free time on their hands.

In order to combat this problem as they try and keep up with what’s happening across multiple channels today, cricket enthusiasts will often resort to online methods of watching matches Like Crictime, Smartcric and MobilCric – which allow you more freedom over when you watch something than traditional TV does. However, while Official Streaming sites provide ideal viewing experiences due to clear pictures without any ads interrupting playtime.

Live cricket matches are entertaining and keep you on the edge of your seat. When Cricket fans need a fix, My Live Cricket streaming service is there for them with every live match available to watch online without any cost! The streams provide excellent quality so that viewers can enjoy their favorite sport in HD. With consistent playback all through the game, it’s sure not to miss a single moment during high-octane games or nail-biting finishes because this stream will give you everything from start till end.

In many countries, it is illegal to watch live streaming of cricket matches. This not only includes the official sites such as HotStar and Sonyliv but also other websites like My Live Cricket which offer this service for free on their website. However, you can use a private network or VPN (a virtual private network) in order to get around these restrictions by using your pc/laptop with an internet connection that connects to another country where viewing live streaming of sporting events are legal–even though they aren’t at home.

Method to watch Live Cricket Matches Free My Live Cricket

My Live Cricket is a website dedicated to living cricket streaming. When you visit the site during an event, MyLiveCricket will stream it for you in real-time. You can watch your favorite team play without interruption and be on top of all current scores. If anything goes wrong with loading or any other errors arise, just switch over to one of our backup servers and continue watching uninterrupted.

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 – Schedule, Fixtures, Venues & Time Table

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 - Schedule, Fixtures, Venues Group list

The T20 World Cup 2022 will be a unique interesting event, as it is composed of two rounds. Round 1 includes twelve matches between eight teams from which four teams progress to the Super 12s. The round consists of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ireland and Netherlands along with Scotland and Namibia who have qualified through Cricket Africa’s regional tournament last year in Uganda where they beat Oman for their spot on this stage.

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 

The format of the tournament is such that 16 teams are going to play the tournament. Out of these 16 teams, the host nation directly got qualified for the T20 tournament i.e., India already was in the tournament’s super 12 stages. As of the deadline of 31st December 2022, Top eight ranked ICC full members got qualified for the World T20 cup directly. Now, out of these top ten teams, those teams who have ranked top 8 have qualified for the super 12s. Now four spots remain for the super 12 stages. For these four spots, 8 teams play a qualifier round in Oman (Muscat) from 17 October 2022 and 25 October 2022. Super 12 rounds will play till 14 November 2022. It’s the best date to start the world cup so every student can watch their favorite team playing.

T20 World Cup 2022 Teams List

Following are the teams that have qualified into the super 12 stages, excluding Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, which will play the group stages

AustraliaQualified For Super 12s Stage
PakistanQualified For Super 12s Stage
IndiaQualified For Super 12s Stage
EnglandQualified For Super 12s Stage
South AfricaQualified For Super 12s Stage
New ZealandQualified For Super 12s Stage
West IndiesQualified For Super 12s Stage
AfghanistanQualified For Super 12s Stage

The following are the six teams that have qualified through the qualifier tournament and will play alongside Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for the four spots of the super 12s.

NetherlandsQualified for the Group Stage
Papua New GuineaQualified for the Group Stage
IrelandQualified for the Group Stage
NamibiaQualified for the Group Stage
ScotlandQualified for the Group Stage
OmanQualified for the Group Stage
Sri LankaQualified for the Group Stage
BangladeshQualified for the Group Stage

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Schedule, Venues, and Fixtures PDF Download

The International Cricket Council has just confirmed that the 7th T20 Men’s World Cup will be held in 2022. The tournament was originally scheduled to take place next year but due to COVID-19, it is now being postponed until 2022 instead. Once again India are taking charge of hosting this major event and they’re looking forward welcoming international guests from 17 October through 14 November at some new venues which may include Dubai as well as Oman!

The ICC Promotional Video for the upcoming men’s cricket world cup provides a great insight into what we can expect when viewing these matches live or on TV: there will be lots of thrilling moments with plenty more wickets, sixs and fours.

ICC T20 World Cup Venues

ICC World cup T20 2022 venue and the host was decided in July 2022. The host country in which the ICC men’s T20 world cup is going to be played in Oman and UAE and The four Host Cities are Musact (Oman), Duabi, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah (UAE).

Muscat Cricket stadium

Muscat, Oman is now home to a new cricket ground that has been accredited by the International Cricket Council. The Al Amerat Cricket Stadium in Muscat was given the approval for hosting Test matches after it met strict standards set forth by ICC officials with its 2000-3000 capacity and location being just perfect.

Al Amerat Cricket Stadium oman

Dubai International Stadium

Built in 2011, the Dubai International Stadium is a 25000 seat cricket stadium that was built to be used for many events other than just cricket. The first tenant of this international sports arena are the UAE Cricket Team who currently call it home while they compete at various levels internationally against teams from around Asia and Europe.

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium abu dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi cost $22 million to build and is arguably one of the world’s finest cricket grounds. It was opened in May 2004, welcoming its first guests with a fine display from Scotland against Kenya on November 8th, 2004. The ground has two large stands at either end for spectators looking out onto green lawns that offer an unparalleled experience during daytime games when there are no shadows to obstruct your view or comfort you from the sun–not so much fun if it rains!

abu dhabi cricket stadium

Sharjah Cricket Stadium

The Sharjah Cricket Stadium, located in United Arab Emirates and holding the record for most ODIs hosted by a venue to date, has been home of some great international matches. The stadium first opened its doors back in 1984 with an Asia Cup match – cementing it as one of the world’s premier cricket venues since then. It will be hosting T20 World Cups from 2022 onwards!

Sharjah Cricket Stadium 1

ICC T20 World Cup Groups list

The tournament will be played in two rounds, first round comprising of eight teams that will compete for the super 12 stages, and then the super 12 round itself. The first round is divided into two groups, A & B. The list of the teams in these groups are given below.

Group AGroup B
Papua New GuineaNamibia

Now for the Super 12s stage, the 12 teams will be divided into two groups; both the groups will have two members from the first round. Following is the list:

Group 1Group 2
South AfricaNew Zealand
West Indies A1  B2Afghanistan

The top two teams from each of these groups will advance to the knockout stage. Semi-finals will be played among those teams. And winners of each of these semi-finals will obviously reach the final.

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Fixtures

The following are fixtures for the First Round of the tournament.

First Round

17-Oct-212 pm ASTSri Lanka vs IrelandOman Cricket StadiumA
18-Oct-217 pm ASTNetherlands Vs NamibiaOman Cricket StadiumA
19-Oct-212 pm ASTBangladesh Vs ScotlandOman Cricket StadiumB
19-Oct-212 pm ASTPapua New Guinea OmanOman Cricket StadiumB
20-Oct-217 pm ASTIreland Vs NetherlandsOman Cricket StadiumA
20-Oct-212 pm ASTSri Lanka vs NamibiaOman Cricket StadiumA
21-Oct-217 pm ASTScotland Vs Papua New GuineaOman Cricket StadiumB
21-Oct-212 pm ASTBangladesh Vs OmanOman Cricket StadiumB
22-Oct-217 pm ASTIreland Vs NamibiaOman Cricket StadiumA
22-Oct-212 pm ASTSri Lanka Vs NetherlandsOman Cricket StadiumA
23-Oct-217 pm ASTScotland Vs OmanOman Cricket StadiumB
23-Oct-212 pm ASTBangladesh Vs Papua New GuineaOman Cricket StadiumB

Super 12s Stages

Following are fixtures for the Super 12s stage of the tournament

T20 World Cup 2020 1st Group 

24-Oct-217 pm ASTEngland Vs AustraliaUAEGroup 1
24-Oct-212 pm ASTIndia Vs PakistanUAEGroup 2
25-Oct-217 pm ASTA1 Vs B2UAEGroup 1
25-Oct-212 pm ASTSouth Africa Vs West IndiesUAEGroup 1
26-Oct-217 pm ASTAfghanistan Vs A2UAEGroup 2
26-Oct-212 pm ASTNew Zealand Vs B1UAEGroup 2
27-Oct-217 pm ASTEngland Vs A1UAEGroup 1
28-Oct-212 pm ASTAfghanistan Vs B1UAEGroup 2
28-Oct-217 pm ASTAustralia Vs South AfricaUAEGroup 1
29-Oct-217 pm ASTWest Indies Vs A1UAEGroup 1
29-Oct-212 pm ASTPakistan Vs A2UAEGroup 2
30-Oct-217 pm ASTIndia Vs New ZealandUAEGroup 2
30-Oct-212 pm ASTEngland Vs B2UAEGroup 2
31-Oct-217 pm ASTAustralia Vs West IndiesUAEGroup 1
31-Oct-217 pm ASTWest Indies Vs B2UAE
01-Nov-217 pm ASTPakistan Vs New ZealandUAEGroup 1
01-Nov-212 pm ASTIndia Vs AfghanistanUAEGroup 2
02-Nov-217 pm ASTA2 Vs B1UAEGroup 2
02-Nov-212 pm ASTAustralia Vs A1UAEGroup 1
03-Nov-217 pm ASTEngland Vs West IndiesUAEGroup 1
04-Nov-217 pm ASTSouth Africa Vs A1UAEGroup 1
04-Nov-212 pm ASTPakistan Vs AfghanistanUAEGroup 2
05-Nov-217 pm ASTIndia Vs A2UAEGroup 2
05-Nov-217 pm ASTNew Zealand Vs A2UAEGroup 2
06-Nov-217 pm ASTPakistan Vs B1UAEGroup 1
06-Nov-212 pm ASTEngland Vs South AfricaUAEGroup 1
07-Nov-217 pm ASTAustralia Vs B2UAEGroup 2
07-Nov-212 pm ASTSouth Africa Vs B2UAEGroup 1
08-Nov-212 pm ASTIndia Vs B1UAEGroup 2
08-Nov-217 pm ASTNew Zealand Vs AfghanistanUAEGroup 2

T20 World Cup 2022 England Schedule

  • 26/10/2020, England vs B1 
  • 30/10/2020, England vs South Africa 
  • 1/11/2020, England vs India 
  • 4/11/2020, Afghanistan vs England 
  • 7/11/2020, England vs A2 

T20 World Cup 2022 Pakistan Schedule

  • 24/10/2020, Australia vs Pakistan 
  • 29/10/2020, Pakistan vs A1 
  • 31/11/2020, New Zealand vs Pakistan
  • 3/11/2020, Pakistan vs West Indies
  • 6/11/2020, Pakistan vs B2 

T20 World Cup 2022 Afghanistan Schedule

  • 26/10/2020, Afghanistan v A2
  • 28/10/2020, Afghanistan vs B1
  • 1/11/2020, Afghanistan vs South Africa
  • 4/11/2020, Afghanistan vs England
  • 8/11/2020, Afghanistan vs India

T20 World Cup 2022 India Schedule

  • 24/10/2020, India vs South Africa 
  • 29/10/2020, India vs A2 
  • 1/11/2020, England vs India 
  • 5/11/2020, India vs B1 
  • 8/11/2020, Afghanistan 

T20 World Cup 2022 South Africa Schedule

  • 24/10/2020, India vs South Africa
  • 30/10/2020, England vs South Africa
  • 1/11/2020, Afghanistan vs South Africa
  • 5/11/2020, South Africa vs A2
  • 8/11/2020, South Africa vs B1

T20 World Cup 2022 New Zealand Schedule>

  • 25/10/2020, New Zealand vs West Indies
  • 27/10/2020, New Zealand vs B2
  • 31/10/2020, New Zealand vs Pakistan
  • 2/11/2020, New Zealand vs A1
  • 6/11/2020, Australia vs New Zealand

T20 World Cup 2022 Australia Schedule

  • 24/10/2020, Australia vs Pakistan
  • 28/10/2020, Australia vs West Indies 
  • 31/10/2020, Australia vs A1 
  • 3/11/2020, Australia vs B2 
  • 6/11/2020, Australia vs New Zealand 

T20 World Cup 2022 West Indies Schedule

  • 25/10/2020, New Zealand vs West Indies
  • 28/10/2020, Australia vs West Indies
  • 30/10/2020, West Indies vs B2
  • 3/11/2020, Pakistan vs West Indies
  • 7/11/2020, West Indies vs A1

Knockout Matches

The top two teams from each of the rounds will play the knock-outs. Knockouts will be played on the following dates

11/11/20227 pm ASTTBC VS TBSUAE
12/11/20227 pm ASTTBC VS TBSUAE

World Cup T20 2022 Final

The final of the tournament will be played between the winners of each of the semi-finals on 14th of November 2022 at 7 pm AST at UAE.


Player retention list and remaining picks: PSL 7

Islamabad United (8) – Asif Ali, Hasan Ali (both Platinum), Faheem Ashraf (Diamond), Shadab Khan (Diamond, Brand Ambassador), Alex Hales (Gold, Mentor), Azam Khan, Mohammad Wasim Jnr (both Gold) and Paul Stirling (Silver). Remaining picks: Platinum – 1, Diamond – 1, Gold – 0, Silver – 4, Emerging – 2, Supplementary – up to 2.

Karachi Kings (8) – Babar Azam, Imad Wasim (both Platinum), Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Nabi (both Diamond), Joe Clarke (Gold, Brand Ambassador), Aamir Yamin, Sharjeel Khan (both Gold) and Mohammad Ilyas (Silver). Remaining picks: Platinum – 1, Diamond – 1, Gold – 0, Silver – 4, Emerging – 2, Supplementary – up to 2.

Lahore Qalandars (8) – Rashid Khan, Shaheen Shah Afridi (both Platinum), Haris Rauf (Diamond, Brand Ambassador), David Wiese, Mohammad Hafeez (both Diamond), Ahmed Daniyal, Sohail Akhtar and Zeeshan Ashraf (all Silver). Remaining picks: Platinum – 1, Diamond – 0, Gold – 3, Silver – 2, Emerging – 2, Supplementary – up to 2.

Multan Sultans (7) – Mohammad Rizwan, Rilee Rossouw (both Platinum), Imran Tahir (Diamond, Mentor), Sohaib Maqsood (Diamond), Khushdil Shah (Gold, Brand Ambassador), Shahnawaz Dahani and Shan Masood (both Gold). Remaining picks: Platinum – 1, Diamond – 1, Gold – 0, Silver – 5, Emerging – 2, Supplementary – up to 2.

Peshawar Zalmi (8) – Liam Livingstone, Wahab Riaz (both Platinum), Haider Ali, Sherfane Rutherford, Shoaib Malik (all Diamond), Hussain Talat (Gold), Saqib Mahmood (Gold, Brand Ambassador) and Tom Kohler-Cadmore (Silver). Remaining picks: Platinum – 1, Diamond – 0, Gold – 1, Silver – 4, Emerging – 2, Supplementary – up to 2.

Quetta Gladiators (7) – James Vince, Sarfaraz Ahmed (both Platinum), Iftikhar Ahmed, Mohammad Nawaz (both Diamond), Shahid Afridi (Gold, Mentor), Mohammad Hasnain (Gold, Brand Ambassador) and Naseem Shah (Gold). Remaining picks: Platinum – 1, Diamond – 1, Gold – 0, Silver – 5, Emerging – 2, Supplementary – up to 2.

Head, Starc make Australia’s XI for Ashes opener

The Australia cricket team is finally taking shape as they lock in their playing personnel three days out from the Ashes opener at Brisbane. Travis Head and Mitchell Starc have been named in Pat Cummins’ first XI, while Usman Khawaja will likely slot into third Test batsmen role alongside middle-order duo Steve Smith (captain) and David Warner who play together for NSW against South Australia tomorrow.
The squad was announced on Wednesday morning ahead of Friday’s training session with Joe Root leading England to Nine Networks ratings victory over Channel 7 by 1% last night…even if he did end up cuddling a cat!

Australia XI: David Warner, Marcus Harris, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, Travis Head, Cameron Green, Alex Carey, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood

Usman Khawaja has been deserving of his place as the fifth opener in Australia’s Test side. With two centuries each from five games, he was chosen over current captain Michael Clarke and opening batsmen David Warner to retain a strong lineup against any opposition bowling attack.

Head pipped Usman for No 5 slot after both left handers made case for selection with impressive performances early rounds Sheffield Shield before Brisbane Test match -Both scored hundreds during most recent clashes between them; 101* by Jhye Richardson v Qld last week & 103(!) dash Jamie Marsh.

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