ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 – Schedule and Score Card

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 is announced. This big event is starting from18th of October 2023. This ICC Men’s world cup is going to be the seventh edition of the tournament. At first, only 12 teams used to be in the t20 world cup, but due to criticism of not giving the associate members not enough chances to play at the international platforms, ICC started the format where 16 teams would play the tournament including ten permanent members and six associate members of ICC.

ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule PDF

The World Cup 2023 Schedule is announced but squads are yet to be announced. This big event is scheduled for the 18th of October 2022. The first match of this big event is going to be played between Srilanka and Ireland at 2 PM AST.

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How To Watch World Cup, Score Card?

ICC has announced the Audio & Video Broadcast Channel, More than 30 channels have the right to broadcast this big event. The international cricket council has selected Star Sports as their official broadcast partner and awarded them with all the broadcasting rights for all the ICC events that will happen from 2015-2023.  Check the Complete list of Channels Broadcasting  Word

Now you can watch Free Score Card on Crictime

Ten Sports

Ten Sports is the premier cricket broadcaster in Pakistan. It broadcasts live for such sports as football, tennis, and golf–among others. But this year Ten Sports purchased a broadcast license to show ICC T20 World Cup games on TV screens throughout Pakistan.

Ten Sports is one of the few channels in India to broadcast Cricket matches and the World Cup live. If you are a cricket fan, Ten Sports would be your go-to channel for all things related to this game. You can also watch World Cup matches on Ten Sport which broadcasts its streaming on YouTube even if you’re using a laptop or handheld device.

You can watch world cup matches on Ten sports channel that airs on the Asia Sat 105.0 ° East Position and Cable Network, so if you are not receiving Ten Sports Live Telecast on your TV during the T20 World Cup then contact your cable operator now.

Star Sports Live

India’s favorite, most trusted, and reliable place to watch t20 world cup matches is Star Sports. Not only does it cover all the events of cricket but also provides live coverage for football games as well as other sports like Soccer, Tennis or Kabaddi. And no matter where you are in India or Subcontinent-you can always be assured that there will be a nearby TV broadcasting on this channel! The best part about watching these matches at home with your friends? You won’t have to miss out on any of the action thanks to HD quality streaming available right from our website worldcupt20.net

Star Sports has been an ever-present force when it comes to Indian entertainment since 1993 because they broadcast everything major:

Star Sports has a plethora of channels to live telecast cricket matches in India. Telecasting the sport on five different stations, you can catch up with all your favorite teams and players without switching back and forth between screens! The list includes:

-Star Sports 1 (English)
-Star Sport 2 (Hindi)
-Star Sports 3 (in HD)


SuperSport, a sports channel from Africa broadcasting in Sub-Saharan countries like Angola and Chad will be providing the live telecast for ICC T20 World Cup 2022 to its viewers. The event is expected to take place next year at venues across South Africa.

SuperSport, an international broadcaster of African origin operating out of Uganda has announced that they are going to broadcast this years’ 20th Cricket world cup matches held all over South Africa on their network channels which include SuperSport 1 & 2 and others with English commentary by former cricketer Devon Smith as well as other commentators including Rashid Khan who played under Pakistan’s national team before giving up his career due to security reasons earlier this season.

PTV Sports

For Pakistani sports fans, PTV Sports is a great way to watch cricket from around the world. As one of Pakistan’s only channels that air live sporting events like cricket, tennis, hockey, football, Squash, Boxing, Climbing, Polo, Badminton, Taekwondo, Baseball, and Golf programs for Pakistani sports fans, it has gained popularity for giving viewers access to international games as well as providing coverage on local teams such as Karachi Kings Cricket Club and Islamabad United Hockey Team.

Pakistani cricket fans, if you want to watch the T20 World Cup live matches and don’t know which channel it is on in Pakistan then PTV Sports has got your back. Apart from broadcasting PSL 2022 & Quid-e-Azam Trophy they also broadcast all of these games LIVE.

ptv sports Score Card

PTV Sports is the national sports channel of Pakistan, and it has been broadcast for many years now. It was originally intended to cover cricket on TV but in recent times they have expanded their coverage to football as well!

The world’s premier cricket tournament is coming to UAE this year and it will be broadcasted on PTV Sports. The T20 World Cup 2022 starts live from 17th October, with 16 teams competing for the trophy that has been held by such legends as Sachin Tendulkar of India or Sir Viv Richards in the West Indies.

PTV Sports will be broadcasting live T20 World Cup 2022 matches in Pakistan. This is the perfect opportunity for all Pakistani citizens to watch their favorite team play at home!

We’re excited that PTV Sports has announced they’ll be airing some of our country’s most anticipated games from the upcoming tournament right here on local channels, so you don’t have to go through any hassle switching your TV channel and not risk missing a game due to technical difficulties.

PTV Sports is the only provider for live cricket streaming in Pakistan, so if you are away from home and want to watch a game or match of your favorite team play online, PTV sports will be able to provide that service.

The PSL 2024 Schedule is also announced.

Willow TV

You’ll be able to catch the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 at Willow TV Live Cricket. No matter where you are in the world, it’s easy for cricket fans to watch with a VPN service like Unblock-US or ExpressVPN.

Cricket fans in the United States have been accustomed to watching their favorite sport on a TV channel that has been available for them over years. However, this year Willow Tv has acquired the rights of broadcasting ICC T20 World Cup 2022 matches and will be streaming live action worldwide starting from 17th Oct at 3:00 AM EST onwards!

There is no match to the Services of Live Cricket when it comes down to Willow tv. Over these past few years, they’ve given U.S cricket fans incredible access by offering up some great coverage through its nightly streamed content – which was broadcasted LIVE as well (no delays).

Sky Sports Live

Sky Sports has always brought the best sports action to cricket fans in Europe and the United Kingdom. This is because they have acquired the official broadcast rights for ICC T20 World Cup 2022, bringing all of its matches live on TV screens everywhere around the U.K., including your home or any public space where you can find a screen! So switch over to Sky Sports if you want an exclusive viewing experience during this eventful time-we promise it’ll be worth it!

Fox Sports Live

The Fox Sports network has always been an important part of the Australian cricket experience. The sports channel is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate, which also owns some other major American networks like FX or National Geographic. This year they acquired the rights to broadcast all live matches for ICC T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia on their airwaves! So this means that when you tune into FOX SPORTS during these warm-ups at home with your family, friends, partner – whoever – it’ll be as if you’re watching from inside one big stadium instead!

The Fox Sport Network was established 20 years ago after gaining exclusive broadcasting privileges across five countries in Asia including India (1996), Singapore (1997), and China and now following them.

OSN Sports Live

OSN Sports, a sports TV channel in the Middle East and North Africa, will be broadcasting all ICC T20 World Cup 2022 matches live. OSN has obtained rights to broadcast for MENA countries this year.

OSN Sport is an international broadcaster of sporting events with offices located around the world including Egypt where they provide coverage of football games as well as other popular sport leagues like Serie A and La Liga from Spain or Major League Soccer (MLS) in America; it also covers soccer cups such as UEFA Champions League – Europe’s most prestigious club competition – Copa del Rey when Real Madrid play at home etc. This would not have been possible without their new partnership with Turner International which entitles them to air every match LIVE on OSN Sports.

Gazi TV Live

Gazi TV is the newest and hottest station on digital cable. GTV airs sports, news, and entertainment programming in Bangla with a focus on cricket! They recently obtained exclusive rights to broadcast ICC T20 World Cup games for Bangladesh viewers during this year’s tournament starting March 2020. If you can’t wait till then or if you don’t have access yet, switch your set now so that when matches start airing next month-Bangladesh will be watching it live from home.”

GAZI TV has made sure you don’t miss any of the action from T20 World Cup 2022 with our live cricket coverage during all matches. You can watch these games on GAZI TV’s YouTube channel, so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

DD1 Live DD National

Dhor Dharshan is India’s national broadcast channel. They air news, weather, sports, and entertainment programs on terrestrial networks. DD National will only live-stream Team India matches during the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 in Indian territories so that people who are living there can watch it at home or via their phone if they have a plan with cellular service providers like Jio TV for instance.

Tournament Details

  • Sports: Cricket
  • Tournament Name: ICC T20 World Cup 2022
  • Format: T20 (20 Overs Limited Cricket)
  • Host: India
  • Teams: India, Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, England, Afghanistan, South Africa, West Indies, and New Zealand
  • Total Number of Teams: 16
  • Total Number of Matches: 45
  • Starting Date: 17th October 2022
  • Final: 14th November 2022


The Middle East and North African countries are gearing up for the ICC T20 World Cup 2022. OSN has announced that it will broadcast all 22 matches of this tournament in a variety of languages, including Arabic, English, French, and Hindi among others.

Middle Easterners have been waiting anxiously to see their favorite sport showcased on TV once again after years without live coverage from international tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup or other major sporting events like soccer’s UEFA Champions League since 2006 when Al Jazeera Sport was broadcasting these games before shutting down operations in 2017 due to funding issues during its transition towards becoming an over-the-top service exclusively available via cable television providers rather than free viewing through terrestrial channels which remains unavailable outside some select regions at the present time.


ESPN, one of the largest TV networks in the Caribbean has purchased live broadcast rights for ICC World Cup . The tournament will be played across Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda Dominica Grenada Guyana Jamaica St Kitts, Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago which are all countries covered under this deal. So switch your channels to ESPN if you’re a resident of any of these nations so that you can watch every moment from wherever possible with ease!

ESPN is one of the biggest TV Networks based out in the Caribbean region that has recently acquired exclusive broadcasting rights for the International Cricket Council’s upcoming event-International Twenty 20 Championship (ICC T20) League 2022 held at various locations throughout.

Star Sports

The Star Sports TV Channel is India’s premier sports channel. They broadcast all of the major ICC events for a period starting from 2015-2023 and recently purchased the exclusive rights to live telecast T20 World Cup 2022 in India on Television. Watch these matches LIVE with Hindi, English, or your regional language commentary!

The STAR SPORTS network has come into existence as a result of investment by STAR NETWORK INDIA which owns this popular television channel that provides coverage for Cricket Broadcasting Company Limited (CBL) & Board International Control Council Association Ltd (IBCA). The company started broadcasting officially in 1994 after receiving the most coveted license from the Indian Government giving it permission to cover cricket tournaments held around the world including Test Matches played at home venues.

Hotstar Live Cricket Stream

Hot Star, the official Score Card site for ICC World Cup 2023 in America, allows you to have a front-row seat from your phone or computer. You can either visit HotStar’s website or download and install their app on mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones. Either way will give you access to multiple channels of coverage with instant HD playback at all times of the day.

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