ICC T20 World Cup 2022 – Schedule, Fixtures, Venues & Time Table

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 - Schedule, Fixtures, Venues Group list

The T20 World Cup 2022 will be a unique interesting event, as it is composed of two rounds. Round 1 includes twelve matches between eight teams from which four teams progress to the Super 12s. The round consists of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ireland and Netherlands along with Scotland and Namibia who have qualified through Cricket Africa’s regional tournament last year in Uganda where they beat Oman for their spot on this stage.

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 

The format of the tournament is such that 16 teams are going to play the tournament. Out of these 16 teams, the host nation directly got qualified for the T20 tournament i.e., India already was in the tournament’s super 12 stages. As of the deadline of 31st December 2022, Top eight ranked ICC full members got qualified for the World T20 cup directly. Now, out of these top ten teams, those teams who have ranked top 8 have qualified for the super 12s. Now four spots remain for the super 12 stages. For these four spots, 8 teams play a qualifier round in Oman (Muscat) from 17 October 2022 and 25 October 2022. Super 12 rounds will play till 14 November 2022. It’s the best date to start the world cup so every student can watch their favorite team playing.

T20 World Cup 2022 Teams List

Following are the teams that have qualified into the super 12 stages, excluding Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, which will play the group stages

AustraliaQualified For Super 12s Stage
PakistanQualified For Super 12s Stage
IndiaQualified For Super 12s Stage
EnglandQualified For Super 12s Stage
South AfricaQualified For Super 12s Stage
New ZealandQualified For Super 12s Stage
West IndiesQualified For Super 12s Stage
AfghanistanQualified For Super 12s Stage

The following are the six teams that have qualified through the qualifier tournament and will play alongside Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for the four spots of the super 12s.

NetherlandsQualified for the Group Stage
Papua New GuineaQualified for the Group Stage
IrelandQualified for the Group Stage
NamibiaQualified for the Group Stage
ScotlandQualified for the Group Stage
OmanQualified for the Group Stage
Sri LankaQualified for the Group Stage
BangladeshQualified for the Group Stage

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Schedule, Venues, and Fixtures PDF Download

The International Cricket Council has just confirmed that the 7th T20 Men’s World Cup will be held in 2022. The tournament was originally scheduled to take place next year but due to COVID-19, it is now being postponed until 2022 instead. Once again India are taking charge of hosting this major event and they’re looking forward welcoming international guests from 17 October through 14 November at some new venues which may include Dubai as well as Oman!

The ICC Promotional Video for the upcoming men’s cricket world cup provides a great insight into what we can expect when viewing these matches live or on TV: there will be lots of thrilling moments with plenty more wickets, sixs and fours.

ICC T20 World Cup Venues

ICC World cup T20 2022 venue and the host was decided in July 2022. The host country in which the ICC men’s T20 world cup is going to be played in Oman and UAE and The four Host Cities are Musact (Oman), Duabi, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah (UAE).

Muscat Cricket stadium

Muscat, Oman is now home to a new cricket ground that has been accredited by the International Cricket Council. The Al Amerat Cricket Stadium in Muscat was given the approval for hosting Test matches after it met strict standards set forth by ICC officials with its 2000-3000 capacity and location being just perfect.

Al Amerat Cricket Stadium oman

Dubai International Stadium

Built in 2011, the Dubai International Stadium is a 25000 seat cricket stadium that was built to be used for many events other than just cricket. The first tenant of this international sports arena are the UAE Cricket Team who currently call it home while they compete at various levels internationally against teams from around Asia and Europe.

Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium abu dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi cost $22 million to build and is arguably one of the world’s finest cricket grounds. It was opened in May 2004, welcoming its first guests with a fine display from Scotland against Kenya on November 8th, 2004. The ground has two large stands at either end for spectators looking out onto green lawns that offer an unparalleled experience during daytime games when there are no shadows to obstruct your view or comfort you from the sun–not so much fun if it rains!

abu dhabi cricket stadium

Sharjah Cricket Stadium

The Sharjah Cricket Stadium, located in United Arab Emirates and holding the record for most ODIs hosted by a venue to date, has been home of some great international matches. The stadium first opened its doors back in 1984 with an Asia Cup match – cementing it as one of the world’s premier cricket venues since then. It will be hosting T20 World Cups from 2022 onwards!

Sharjah Cricket Stadium 1

ICC T20 World Cup Groups list

The tournament will be played in two rounds, first round comprising of eight teams that will compete for the super 12 stages, and then the super 12 round itself. The first round is divided into two groups, A & B. The list of the teams in these groups are given below.

Group AGroup B
Papua New GuineaNamibia

Now for the Super 12s stage, the 12 teams will be divided into two groups; both the groups will have two members from the first round. Following is the list:

Group 1Group 2
South AfricaNew Zealand
West Indies A1  B2Afghanistan

The top two teams from each of these groups will advance to the knockout stage. Semi-finals will be played among those teams. And winners of each of these semi-finals will obviously reach the final.

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Fixtures

The following are fixtures for the First Round of the tournament.

First Round

17-Oct-212 pm ASTSri Lanka vs IrelandOman Cricket StadiumA
18-Oct-217 pm ASTNetherlands Vs NamibiaOman Cricket StadiumA
19-Oct-212 pm ASTBangladesh Vs ScotlandOman Cricket StadiumB
19-Oct-212 pm ASTPapua New Guinea OmanOman Cricket StadiumB
20-Oct-217 pm ASTIreland Vs NetherlandsOman Cricket StadiumA
20-Oct-212 pm ASTSri Lanka vs NamibiaOman Cricket StadiumA
21-Oct-217 pm ASTScotland Vs Papua New GuineaOman Cricket StadiumB
21-Oct-212 pm ASTBangladesh Vs OmanOman Cricket StadiumB
22-Oct-217 pm ASTIreland Vs NamibiaOman Cricket StadiumA
22-Oct-212 pm ASTSri Lanka Vs NetherlandsOman Cricket StadiumA
23-Oct-217 pm ASTScotland Vs OmanOman Cricket StadiumB
23-Oct-212 pm ASTBangladesh Vs Papua New GuineaOman Cricket StadiumB

Super 12s Stages

Following are fixtures for the Super 12s stage of the tournament

T20 World Cup 2020 1st Group 

24-Oct-217 pm ASTEngland Vs AustraliaUAEGroup 1
24-Oct-212 pm ASTIndia Vs PakistanUAEGroup 2
25-Oct-217 pm ASTA1 Vs B2UAEGroup 1
25-Oct-212 pm ASTSouth Africa Vs West IndiesUAEGroup 1
26-Oct-217 pm ASTAfghanistan Vs A2UAEGroup 2
26-Oct-212 pm ASTNew Zealand Vs B1UAEGroup 2
27-Oct-217 pm ASTEngland Vs A1UAEGroup 1
28-Oct-212 pm ASTAfghanistan Vs B1UAEGroup 2
28-Oct-217 pm ASTAustralia Vs South AfricaUAEGroup 1
29-Oct-217 pm ASTWest Indies Vs A1UAEGroup 1
29-Oct-212 pm ASTPakistan Vs A2UAEGroup 2
30-Oct-217 pm ASTIndia Vs New ZealandUAEGroup 2
30-Oct-212 pm ASTEngland Vs B2UAEGroup 2
31-Oct-217 pm ASTAustralia Vs West IndiesUAEGroup 1
31-Oct-217 pm ASTWest Indies Vs B2UAE
01-Nov-217 pm ASTPakistan Vs New ZealandUAEGroup 1
01-Nov-212 pm ASTIndia Vs AfghanistanUAEGroup 2
02-Nov-217 pm ASTA2 Vs B1UAEGroup 2
02-Nov-212 pm ASTAustralia Vs A1UAEGroup 1
03-Nov-217 pm ASTEngland Vs West IndiesUAEGroup 1
04-Nov-217 pm ASTSouth Africa Vs A1UAEGroup 1
04-Nov-212 pm ASTPakistan Vs AfghanistanUAEGroup 2
05-Nov-217 pm ASTIndia Vs A2UAEGroup 2
05-Nov-217 pm ASTNew Zealand Vs A2UAEGroup 2
06-Nov-217 pm ASTPakistan Vs B1UAEGroup 1
06-Nov-212 pm ASTEngland Vs South AfricaUAEGroup 1
07-Nov-217 pm ASTAustralia Vs B2UAEGroup 2
07-Nov-212 pm ASTSouth Africa Vs B2UAEGroup 1
08-Nov-212 pm ASTIndia Vs B1UAEGroup 2
08-Nov-217 pm ASTNew Zealand Vs AfghanistanUAEGroup 2

T20 World Cup 2022 England Schedule

  • 26/10/2020, England vs B1 
  • 30/10/2020, England vs South Africa 
  • 1/11/2020, England vs India 
  • 4/11/2020, Afghanistan vs England 
  • 7/11/2020, England vs A2 

T20 World Cup 2022 Pakistan Schedule

  • 24/10/2020, Australia vs Pakistan 
  • 29/10/2020, Pakistan vs A1 
  • 31/11/2020, New Zealand vs Pakistan
  • 3/11/2020, Pakistan vs West Indies
  • 6/11/2020, Pakistan vs B2 

T20 World Cup 2022 Afghanistan Schedule

  • 26/10/2020, Afghanistan v A2
  • 28/10/2020, Afghanistan vs B1
  • 1/11/2020, Afghanistan vs South Africa
  • 4/11/2020, Afghanistan vs England
  • 8/11/2020, Afghanistan vs India

T20 World Cup 2022 India Schedule

  • 24/10/2020, India vs South Africa 
  • 29/10/2020, India vs A2 
  • 1/11/2020, England vs India 
  • 5/11/2020, India vs B1 
  • 8/11/2020, Afghanistan 

T20 World Cup 2022 South Africa Schedule

  • 24/10/2020, India vs South Africa
  • 30/10/2020, England vs South Africa
  • 1/11/2020, Afghanistan vs South Africa
  • 5/11/2020, South Africa vs A2
  • 8/11/2020, South Africa vs B1

T20 World Cup 2022 New Zealand Schedule>

  • 25/10/2020, New Zealand vs West Indies
  • 27/10/2020, New Zealand vs B2
  • 31/10/2020, New Zealand vs Pakistan
  • 2/11/2020, New Zealand vs A1
  • 6/11/2020, Australia vs New Zealand

T20 World Cup 2022 Australia Schedule

  • 24/10/2020, Australia vs Pakistan
  • 28/10/2020, Australia vs West Indies 
  • 31/10/2020, Australia vs A1 
  • 3/11/2020, Australia vs B2 
  • 6/11/2020, Australia vs New Zealand 

T20 World Cup 2022 West Indies Schedule

  • 25/10/2020, New Zealand vs West Indies
  • 28/10/2020, Australia vs West Indies
  • 30/10/2020, West Indies vs B2
  • 3/11/2020, Pakistan vs West Indies
  • 7/11/2020, West Indies vs A1

Knockout Matches

The top two teams from each of the rounds will play the knock-outs. Knockouts will be played on the following dates

11/11/20227 pm ASTTBC VS TBSUAE
12/11/20227 pm ASTTBC VS TBSUAE

World Cup T20 2022 Final

The final of the tournament will be played between the winners of each of the semi-finals on 14th of November 2022 at 7 pm AST at UAE.


England Squad For ICC T20 World Cup 2022

T20 World Cup 2022 England Squad

England, this season is eyeing the T20 World cup 2022 with some of the best T20 world cup squads they have ever had. Governed by England Cricket Board, England cricket team is one of the oldest teams to play cricket. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Englishmen were the people who invented the game, at the home of cricket, Lord’s Cricket Ground. England, along with Australia and South Africa is one of those nations that laid the foundation of cricket as we see it today. They also laid the foundation for ICC. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that England is one of the nations that we can consider as a superpower in the world of cricket.

England has some of the best T20 players in the whole world. They also have their domestic T20 cricket tournaments that provide the national side with some of the best players that can be further groomed for future cricket. Hence, we can say that a culture of T20 cricket is also becoming dominant in England. Their national T20 squad is right now captained by Eoin Morgan, some of few players who have played for more than two countries internationally. England also ranks number 3 in this format and a strong contender for ICC T20 World Cup this year.

England T20 World Cup Squad Prediction

England is full of some of the best T20 players around the world and they have also proved themselves at both the international and franchise cricket platform. They also have their own franchise league and some of the best domestic circuits that develops some of the fine cricketers in the world. Just like we have told you before, English fans are really enthusiastic about their team and have high hopes for them.

They want to know what players will be representing their country in this ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. But unfortunately, the squad is not announced yet and we can just speculate. Following are some players that we think have a strong chance to be in England’s squad for ICC T20 World Cup that is going to start on 18th of October 2022.

  1. Eoin Morgan
  2. Joe Root
  3. Ben Stokes
  4. Dawid Malan
  5. Alex Hales
  6. Jonny Bairstow
  7. Adil Rashid
  8. Chris Jordan
  9. Jofra Archer
  10. David Willey

Eoin Morgan

Currently playing as captain for England in the T20 squad, Eoin Morgan is one of those few players who have played for more than one country in the international scene. He was made captain at a very difficult time but proved himself to be a leader, leading from the front, changing the mindset with which England play cricket. Under his captaincy, they won their first-ever ODI World Cup.

He also enjoys a really good T20 record, being able to play shots all over the part. His leadership skills are much needed for a successful campaign in this T20 world cup 2022. Will he be able to lead England T20 squad to victory? Let’s just wait and see.

Joe Root

With his elegance with the bat, Root has established himself as one of the giants of this game in the modern era. With his solid technique and dexterity with the shots that he plays, Joe Root makes for an excellent batsman that you need the top in the batting order.

Although he hasn’t played any T20I match since May 2019, his class of player sure can be crucial when you are going to play in a world even like ICC T20 world cup. So we can expect him to see in this world cup.

Ben Stokes

His aggressive nature and playing style took the England, team, to another level. He made his debut in the T20 team back in 2013 but didn’t quite have performed that well in the international circuit, or that’s what stats will tell you. What they won’t tell you is how stokes rose up from the 2016 T20 final nightmare where he gave away runs to Windies batsman Carlos Brathwaite to winning the 2019 World Cup with his unbeaten 84 runs.

He has great potential as an all-rounder and England T20 squad will be incomplete without him. He has proven to be a match-winner and such players are always welcome in the squad.

Dawid Malan

A large built left-handed batsman, Malan made a fierce entry to the international cricket with his furious 44 balls 78 runs innings. This was the fastest runs by any England debutant in T20 cricket. He also made the fastest T20 century by an England cricketer in T20s, a 45 ball 100. All of these performances of his made him the best T20 batsman England has right now.

Even though being criticized for selection, Malan proved his worth and definitely deserves a spot in England’s T20 world cup squad.

Alex Hales

Alex hales a 6ft 5-inch-tall batsman, stature made of t20 cricket hits the bat with an intent to send the ball out of the park. He is England’s one of the most experienced players in T20 cricket. Although his start in the T20 internationals wasn’t so good, he showed his killer intent in the next series against where he scored 48 balls 62 runs against Windies. He has been a constant man for England when it comes to the limited-overs format.

Hales also has played a lot in franchise cricket and such experience is needed in such a huge tournament. Now it’s up to ECB management whether they want him in the England T20 world cup squad or not.

Jonny Bairstow

Due to his prolific run making for Yorkshire and aggressive nature, he was selected for England’s national side. Bairstow also occasionally keeps wickets in the international game, although being a wicketkeeper for his domestic side. He is a solid middle-order batsman and gives you quick runs in the middle overs where the field doesn’t let you open up your arms with the bat.

His fierce intent to hit the ball out of the park and experience in T20 format makes him a good choice for selectors. We can expect him in T20 world cup squad if he retains his form in upcoming matches.

Adil Rashid

We cannot say that there are a plethora of spinners in England. And we can definitely not say that there are many quality legspinners that are successful in taking wickets in domestic cricket. England has always needed a quality spinner in its squad ever since the retirement of Graeme Swann. And Adil filled in those shoes to some extent.

He has been an important component in England’s spin bowling attack and their best bowler in the T20 format. We definitely expect him in England T20 world cup squad in this edition of the tournament. He also has the ability to hit the bat hard, which is an additional quality which favours his selection in the squad.

Chris Jordan

Jordan has everything that you need in a T20 player, a useful lower-order batsman who doesn’t know fear, the fearsome fast bowler who can bowl Yorkers and slower ones, and on the top of that, he is one of the best fielders. He is a complete package that you most definitely need in your T20 squad. Jordan has also experience of playing T20 leagues all over the globe and showed promise as a player.

Such energy and excitement for the game, his passion has led to his selection in the T20 squad for New Zealand tour last November. If he keeps impressing selectors with his performance, he will be a useful component for England in T20 world cup squad.

Jofra Archer

Hailing from Barbados, full of skyrocketing talent, Jofra was first spotted by Chris Jordon who had faced him in the nets in a casual practising session. Jordan said, and I quote, that his for Jofra, “Sky is the limit”. Jofra has a high arm action which enables him to bowl constantly at a speed of over 90 mph. He was also instrumental for England’s win in ICC World Cup 2019.

With passion and pace, he is sure to prove useful to his team on the fast tracks of Australia. He is also a useful lower-order batsman that hits big shots with no fear. Such qualities are needed in a T20 player. Even if he hasn’t played any T20 match for some months, he can be a feasible choice for England this T20 world cup.

David Willey

Whatever T20 cricket demands of a player, David has it all. Whether it’s fielding like an athlete on the field, or being creative with his bowling or clean hitting, he is a jack of all trades. He has outstanding stats with the ball. He has taken about 175 wickets in 185 T20 matches that he played across the globe, whether franchise games or international ones. He also has a good record with the bat, scoring two t20 tons with a staggering strike rate

Such all-round performances make him a prime choice to be in England T20 world cup squad.

England T20 World Cup Squad Date

England’s record in the T20 format is a good one. Since its start, England has played a total of 114 T20 international games in which it has won 56 games and lost 52 games. Thus we can say that the English have got a pretty good T20 record if we keep their win-loss ratio in the format in mind. They also won their sole trophy of T20 World cup back in 2010 where they defeated their traditional rivals Australia.
Thus we can say that England is also pretty good when it comes to T20 Cricket and English fans are pretty enthusiastic about the T20 games.

This is evident from the fact that their stadiums are always full even during domestic T20 leagues such as NatWest T20 Blast. Fans are always excited to know the latest details about their teams and they also want to know when the England T20 World Squad is going to be revealed. This is evident from the fact that you, my dear friends are reading this piece we have written about your favorite team.

When the ECB is going to announce the England T20 World cup squad?

The date is not announced yet. We can assume that they will announce the T20 world cup squad sometime before the start of the world cup, which is the 18th of October. Last time they also did the same thing and this time around we can expect the same trend

World Cup T20 India Squad List – Announced

T20 World Cup 2020 India Squad List

India has one of the best T20 world cup squad players in the world. When we discuss t20 cricket, it is impossible not to mention India. India has always had some of the best t20 players in the world since the start of the format at the international level. India gained its test status in the 1930s but rose to fame with its bombastic players in the 70s. They have also won two ODI world cups of 1985 and 2011 under the captaincy of Kapil Dev and MS Dhoni respectively.

India also won the very first edition of the T20 world cup back in 2007 and it remains to be their only T20 world cup trophy, which they won in the final against their traditional rivals, Pakistan. Indians are pretty enthusiastic about T20 cricket and are considered to be one of the strongest teams in the format. With an appropriate T20 environment provided to the players, they are best in the format and enjoy a sort of dominancy in T20 games.

India T20 World Cup Squad Announced

As well have told you before, Indians really love the t20 games and thus, avidly discuss the squad formations and players. They are very interested in their team and love to predict the T20 world cup squad. This can be seen from the avid use of different fantasy leagues whenever IPL starts. IPL is India’s premier T20 league which they enthusiastically follow and the stadiums are always full, which shows that Indians just love the format.

It is IPL that has enabled BCCI to select a strong t20 team that performs well in the tournaments and international T20 matches. This year, the selection of India’s T20 world cup squad will also be on the basis of IPL. Those youngsters and new players who will perform well in IPL or have been performing well will definitely be given a chance in T20 World cup. But we do have a list in which we have predicted some players which are almost certain to play this year’s T20 world cup from India.

india world t20 squads

  1. Virat Kohli (C)
  2. Rohit Sharma (VC)
  3. KL Rahul
  4. Suryakumar Yadav
  5. Ishan Kishan (WK)
  6. Shreyas Iyer
  7. Rishabh Pant (WK)
  8. Hardik Pandya
  9. Ravindra Jadeja
  10. Washington Sundar
  11. Yuzvendra Chahal
  12. Jasprit Bumrah
  13. T Natarajan
  14. Bhuvneshwar Kumar
  15. Mohammad Shami

Virat Kohli

A proven match-winner, India’s skipper in all formats of the game, Virat is a go to choice when it comes to your batting lineup. Virat Kohli has always taken his team out of desperate situations and is their premier batsman. Virat Kohli has a T20 record that players around the world wish they could achieve. He as a staggering average of over 50 in the format and has been a man of the series since the last two editions of the T20 World Cup.

Hence, Virat is definitely going to be a part of India’s T20 world cup squad and is going to be crucial for India in a successful campaign this season.

KL Rahul

Currently India’s best batsman in the format, KL Rahul has is a player whose performances speak for himself. It was his successful performances in the Ranji trophy that got the attention of Sunrisers Hyderabad management and he went off for one crore rupees in the auction. This proved to be a good decision as he went on to be one of their best batsmen in the IPL. Virat proved to be a top-class opening batsman who could score quick runs in the power play and wicket keep if need be.

He has some outstanding stats in T20 with two tons and a staggering strike rate. He is everything you look for in a T20 opening batsman and we can hope to see him in action this T20 world cup.

Rohit Sharma

Nicknamed “hitman”, Rohit Sharma has a profile that speaks for itself. Naturally talented and gifted, Rohit worked hard and persistent in his career that finally paid off with his casual double hundreds and centuries in different formats of the game. He is the best opener for India and is a run-scoring machine who can score all around the park.

Rohit Sharma has everything, stats, talent, experience and technique and temperament. He has a staggering average of 32 with a bombastic strike rate. Such an amazing stats and his experience make him an obvious choice in the team and definitely is going to be in India’s T20 World cup squad this season.

Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan, with his ability to play strokes in every direction, has proven himself to be a successful opener for India across all formats of the game. Dhawan is one of the most experienced batsmen in the Indian batting line up when it comes to T20s. he has played over 200 T20 matches in the domestic circuit and has shown some impressive record.

He has scored over 50 half-centuries with an impressive strike rate and provides a solid head start which makes him first choice opener for India. We can expect him to be in the lineup, although it is a bit difficult for him to be in playing 11 due to successful players already in the game. But he can definitely be in the 16 players selected for T20 world cup squad.

Washington Sundar

A player who started off as a batsman in his younger days, Sundar, later on, established himself to be an impressive bowler who could retain runs and take wickets. Washington gained some attention after his time in India’s Under 19s and got selected into Pune Supergiants in 2017. In an era where it is difficult for spinners to survive in the format, Washington has proved himself to be an economical bowler.

Sundar fills in the spot of a spinner who can bowl in the middle overs and retain the runs which is an impressive quality when it comes to T20s. Thus, we can expect Sundar to be in India’s T20 World Cup squad. Only time will tell if this youngster can be a replacement of his senior, Ashwin.

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah like other players of his generation gained attention by his performances in IPL. He has a very unorthodox action that bamboozles the batsmen and his slower ones are difficult to pick. Right now he is the best bowler India has, but his career didn’t start from this point. Bumrah had to work hard in his game and all the hard work is now paying off.

In 45 T20 matches that he has played, he has taken a total of 53 wickets with an economy rate of 6.69. Such an impressive record in the game makes Bumrah an automatic choice in the bowling lineup. He has established himself to be the leader and spearhead of Indian bowling lineup and the team will be incomplete without him in T20 world cup squad.

YS Chahal

Known to be an attacking wicket-taking bowler, Chahal is a valuable asset to his team. Although he can give away some runs, he can easily bamboozle his opponent with his wrong one. He has an impressive record with the bowl in the t20 matches he has played. He has taken over 50 wickets in 37 t20 matches he played for India.

Nowadays when it is difficult for bowlers, especially spinners to breath and gain some advantage on the pitch, Chahal’s attacking nature sets him apart and makes him a valuable asset to his team. Not only he can bowl the middle overs but can give you breakthroughs with his variations and has a strong chance to make into the T20 world cup squad for India in this edition of ICC T20 World cup.

Now only time will tell how accurate is this prediction of ours. It all depends on the player’s form and fitness that they will be selected in India T20 World cup squad or not.

India T20 World Cup Squad Date

India is a cricket-loving nation and is always excited about the games. Whether its Test matches, ODIs or T20, they are always enthusiastic about supporting their team in every match and in every tournament. Thus, India’s population is always waiting for such events, especially IPL as it has become a part of their culture since its inception. The full stands in the stadiums speak for their love for T20 games.

Due to such enthusiasm, Indian fans are always waiting for which squad will be representing them in the T20 world cup squad. Over the tea, among the elders and teenagers, as the t20 World cup approaches, discussions on the topic of T20 world cup squad start and they are always waiting for when BCCI will announce India T20 world cup squad.

You are here because you wanted to know when BCCI is going to announce the players, well, the date is not yet known. We can only speculate that BCCI will announce the T20 World cup squad a month before the start of a tournament. Last time in 2016 they followed this pattern and this time they are due to do the same.


West Indies Squad – T20 World Cup 2022

T20 World Cup 2022 West Indies Squad

West Indies for T20 World Cup 2022 is not yet announced. All the fans around the world wait for when the defending champions, the West Indies announce their squad for T20 World cup. All the cricket fans know about the legendary Windies but if you just got into cricket, let’s give you a brief history tour. The West Indies Cricket team, administrated by Cricket West Indies, is Men’s cricket team representing a group of islands of Anglophone Caribbean region. West Indies Cricket team are also nicknamed as Windies and are one of the oldest test playing nations after England and Australia.

The Windies were considered to be one of the greatest cricket teams from the 70s to 90s. They won two consecutive Cricket world cups and are also the most successful team in ICC T20 World Cup tournament. A lot of great players such as Sir Vivian Richards, Sir Gary Sobers, Brian Charles Lara, Sir Andy Roberts, Sir Curtly Ambrose etc. hailed from this team. Known for the aggressive cricket they have played throughout the history of cricket. The Windies have an element of surprise to them. Even during the moments of their certain defeat, they can bounce back and win.

West Indies T20 World Cup Squad Prediction

West Indies have had some of the best players in every era and due to the aggressive cricket they have been playing for a long time, they have garnered success in a lot of tournaments they have played as a team. The Windies know no other way other than going all out. Thus, you will see a lot of aggressive style players no matter what the era when it comes to the good old windies.

Due to such playing style, fans always enjoy all the matches the windies play, and there is always a buzz in the ground. Thus you as a fan must also be waiting for the West Indies T20 World Cup Squad to be announced. But all we can do for you is to predict the squad for you. And that we have already done for you. Following are some of the players that we think are going to be a part of West Indies’ campaign for this T20 World cup. They are the defending champions after all who took away the title from England in a breathtaking finale last season. Will they be able to defend their title this time? Let’s ride the tide of time to know about it. 

  1. Kieron Pollard
  2. Hayden Walsh Jr
  3. Darren Bravo
  4. Lendl Simmons
  5. Evin Lewis

Kieron Pollard

Pollard can be considered a specialist when it comes to limit over formats of the game. Although he debuted for Windies in 2007, his career took off when he was picked up by Mumbai Indians in 2010. He had modest stats when MI selected him for IPS session but what they selected him for was his ability to hit the bat hard. That auction for him turned his world upside down and made him a T20 sensation. He garnered a lot of experience in the franchise cricket over the years. He can be considered to be one of the most experienced players for windies in this format. Numerous times he chose franchise cricket over playing for his national side. He was instrumental for the teams he played for all these times. 

His athletics in the field and decent medium makes him an ideal choice for this format. Right now he is captaining his in the T20 internationals. Pollard’s athletic fielding and ability to ball and bat makes him a valuable asset for the team and will be in West Indies T20 world cup squad for this season.

Hayden Walsh Jr

Hayden Walsh Jr is a windies cricketer who first played for the USA. Coming from a family where his father and uncle, both were phenomenal players in the domestic circuit, Hayden had a perfect environment where he nourished his cricketing skills. He debuted in the international scene for the USA against the United Arab Emirates last year. Those were the first international matches played by the USA team. He also represented States in different ODI matches before being selected by Cricket West Indies for their series against Afghanistan in India. He also debuted for windies in ODIs against Afghanistan in the same series. Thus making him one of the few players who have played for two teams in international matches. 

He is currently some of the best bowlers windies have in the T20 format and thus makes an automatic choice in the West Indies T20 world cup squad. His wrong ones bamboozled Indians on their home soil, and his highlight in the games was when he got the scalp of India’s premier batsman Virat Kohli. If the youngster holds his nerves, he sure as hell can be a key to winning some matches for his team

Darren Bravo

Bravo is also one of those players which you can consider as a specialist when it comes to the limited-overs format of cricket. For years he has dominated the limited formats for his country whenever he wasn’t playing due to his recurring injuries. Handy with both bat and ball, he adds another level of charisma in the lineup. He bamboozled a lot of batsmen with his slower ones and has some quick knocks with the bat there and there. If not for his commitment to the franchises, he could have played for his national side a lot more. Due to these commitments, he also pulled out of a central contract that would have bound him to play for the windies all the time.

His profile in the T20 matches speaks for itself. He has played a total of 451 T20 matches scoring over 6000 runs with an impressive strike rate. With such an impressive record, he has always been the prime choice for franchise owners when making their squads for the tournaments. He was also instrumental in the West Indies’ last successful campaign of the T20 world cup.

He has everything that a team needs in its T20 players, handy with the old ball and new, power hitter of the bat, and athletic when it comes to fielding. Fielding is an important perspective as it wins you matches nowadays. Thus we can predict his presence in the West Indies’ squad of the T20 world cup in 2022.

Lendl Simmons

Lendl Simmons, an impressive versatile opening batsman, is one of the fiery T20 specialists from West indies. With the ability to play shots in every nook of the ground, it becomes difficult for fielding side to set any field for him. Simmons made his international debut back in 2006, and over the years has made a successful limited-overs career for himself, not only in his national side but in different franchises around the globe. Despite a disappointing career in Test matches, Simmons has made a name for himself in limited-overs format, especially in T20 cricket, being a constant source of fast runs in the initial phase of the game. He helped his teams win a lot of matches along the span of his long career in franchises.

He was also instrumental for Windies in their way to final of 2016 T20 world cup when he steered his team towards 192 targets given by India. Thus, windies found themselves in the final of the tournament, which they successfully won. Hence, Simmons crucial role in the batting lineup of windies cannot be ignored by Cricket West Indies, and he is certainly going to be the part of West Indies T20 World cup squad. 

Evin Lewis

Like his mentor Chris Gayle, Evin likes to hit big and hit them out of the park. Like most of his peers, he specializes in t20 cricket. He is a modern T20 batsman in a true sense and performs big in important matches, which accounts for his ability to hold his nerves in important matches. He has also played for franchises and proved himself to be a match-winner in the format.

Right now, He is west indie’s best batsman in the format and will be part of T20 World cup squad for his team. 

West Indies T20 World Cup Squad Date

The windies have always played entertaining cricket, whether it is Test, ODIs or T20 internationals, and that is why fans are always left holding their seats when they are watching them play. All of these fans around the world and all the cricket gurus wait for Cricket West Indies to announce their Squad for T20 world cup 2022.

Although no officials from the governing bodies have announced the date for when they will announce the squads, we can speculate that they will announce the squads sometime before the start of the T20 World cup. We can guess that Cricket West Indies will announce the name of the players from the squads sometime during the mid of August to September 2022. The world cup is going to start on the 18th of October 2022, so they have to announce the squads at least a month earlier. That is our speculation, and we are pretty much sure that they will announce the squads during these days. 


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