Euro T20 Slam 2020 – Broadcasting Channels

The new Euro T20 Slam is finally announced and we are going to Live Steam this big Event(Euro T20 Slam ).

Euro T20 Slam 2020 

Tournaments Matches are starting from 30 August to  22 September 2020. We are going to  all the matches of Euro t20 slam.

To watch Euro T20 Slam Visit our site on 30 August 2020

Euro T20 Slam Announcement

The European T20 Cricket League was going to start to form 30 August 2019 but due to some Issues, the tournament was canceled. Now this event starts in September of 2020. A total of 33 expected matches is going to be played in this event. This wonderful event will end on 22nd September 2020. The competition is set to hold in three countries.

  • Scotland
  • Netherland
  • Ireland

Two teams from each county will participate in this event.

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Mr. Prashant Mishra, Managing Partner, Woods Entertainment, said:

“After consultation with the cricket boards of Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands, we come to a general consensus over the name. Since the term league is used all across the world for T20 events, we wanted to add the energy factor to our tournament, hence we have decided to name it Euro T20 Slam.”

Mr. Warren Deutrom, Chief Executive of Cricket Ireland, said:

“The process wasn’t just about establishing a mere name, but rather giving the tournament an identity which both aligned it with other global domestic leagues, yet made it a distinctive and vibrant brand. It was important to us to convey our points of difference that would resonate in local markets – in Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands – where cricket is not the dominant sport in town. The touchpoints of geography, cricket, and excitement were our goal, and we hope it will gain the necessary traction with fans.”

Euro T20 Slam Teams

A total of 8 teams are participating in this event.

  1. V.O.C Rotterdam (NLD)
  2. Januia Brescia (ITA)
  3. Dreux Cricket Club (FRA)
  4. Catalunya Cricket Club (ESP)
  5. Cluj Cricket Club (ROU)SG Findorff (DEU)
  6. Svanholm Cricket Club (DNk)
  7. St. Peterburg Lions (RUS
  8.  SG Findorff (DEU)

For more information regarding Teams and Groups visit Euro T20 Slam  

Updated: September 12, 2020 — 5:39 pm

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