International teams are only fielding weaker sides against Pakistan: Inzamam

Former Pakistani batsman Inzamamul Haq has gained the internet’s attention as of late, after making a new YouTube video. He argues that international cricket teams are only fielding weaker players against Pakistan because they know how good we’ve become in recent years and don’t want to lose! This is why he cites examples such South Africa and England when discussing New Zealand Cricket’s decision not to tour us this year due to IPL obligations instead.

Pakistan’s former legendary player Innzi-Haq (Inzy) recently made an interesting YouTube video about his country which garnered significant buzz across social media channels on Wednesday night, with many agreeing with him out right away or calling for more evidence before judging whether it was true yet.

“Inzamam is not sure why the NZ team was sending players to IPL when they were supposed to be playing a series in Pakistan. He said, “I can’t understand this. When we went to South Africa at April, they sent their players for the IPL and with New Zealand coming up next month it’s surprising again that eight of them have opted out due Covid-19.”

“I feel that the Pakistan team is not getting proper practice because they are not playing against some of the top players. We got to play West Indies, but then we couldn’t play most matches due to rain. Do other teams view us as a B-level side and refuse to face us? What’s ICC doing? Are they sleeping on their jobs?” he added.”

The captain of Team Pakistan feels like his squad isn’t being given adequate opportunity for training purposes, which means no games against higher ranked opponents—and when it does get a chance at an international match with another country (West Indies), there was bad weather in both countries so nothing came out from this game either! He fears that other nations see them as second.

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