Rahul, Rohit make contemporary-to-conventional flip on big batting day

When KL Rahul walked out with Rohit Sharma past the Lord’s longroom, it was a moment of sweet symmetry. The middle-order bat given a second lease on life as an opener had finally found his way back to where he belongs at first and bolstered by one who took of that spot in the first place but now lost trademark status due to injury: India’s very own English Breakfast!

The two most languid strokemakers of the modern game, Rohit and Rahul’s Test-match accomplishments have a very parallel thread running across them. Rohit made his debut in November 2013; five years later to be precise, when he joined him one year after that was another player: Rahul.

Both players rode their early crest – with Rahil at Sydney or Colombo for instance where he scored 3 centuries consecutively! But then there were some holes found in both these techniques as well as temperaments on the test circuit but it wasn’t until they toured Australia this last time around did things really start changing up pretty fast.

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