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In the world of cricket, there is a never-ending lineup of matches and Score card options. Smartcric is providing all types of coverage for both international and domestic games in various formats – Tests, ODIs & T20s. All that’s needed to watch these events is clicking over to what could be your go-to spot for everything from IPL to CPL!

SmartCric provides Live Cricket Streaming Services during Test ODI&T20 Cricket Matches You can also Watch Live League Matches such as PSL APL BBL and JLT.

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Sometimes being away from home can make the day seem even longer. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to watch cricket matches at work or in your dorm room, but what if you are out of luck and unable to find any live streams? That is where Smartcric comes into play! For years now they have been supplying fans with all their favorite sports channels so that no matter how many places we go, anywhere there is an internet connection available – our only problem will be deciding which match we want to see.

Smartcric Live Cricket Streaming
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Nothing could bring greater happiness for avid cricket lovers than watching online Score card of these sporting events on smartcric. Cricket enthusiasts generally enjoy viewing televised broadcasts of real-time games when at home as well as on TV screens.

The Web Version of Smartcric only provides cricket schedules, news, and stats for ongoing cricket series. You can not watch live matches on the desktop version of Smartcric unless you are in India or Pakistan.

SmartCric is a cricket streaming site that has been around for years, and it’s the best place to go if you want your favorite match right on your mobile phone. Smartcric offers consistent high-quality live streams of matches as well as instant updates about scores from all over the world in real-time. Not only do they have desktop restrictions so their servers will never crash like other sites but also because of these limitations there are fewer ads which mean less frustration when trying to find what you’re looking for.

Cricket is a world-renowned game that has been played for centuries. Cricket lovers all over the globe eagerly await their favorite matches to begin, with some even hosting gatherings at home in order to watch live games together and cheer on their respective countries or teams as they play against one another!

Smartcric provides cricket streaming services during major events like the ICC World Cup 2019, Indian Premier League 2019, Pakistan Super League 2017 and ICC Champions Trophy 2017 so fans can keep up with what’s happening without having to miss any of action when it comes time for them.

Watch World Cup T20 on Smartcric

India is all set to host the seventh season of the T20 World Cup. The tournament will be held from October 15th until November 15, 2022 and 16 teams are participating in this event. All matches will be broadcasted live through official broadcasting TV channels like Smartcric, Crictime and Mobilecric, which offers free online viewing for those who cannot attend the games locally or abroad.

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World Cup Schedule

First Round

17-Oct-212 pm ASTSri Lanka vs IrelandOman Cricket StadiumA
18-Oct-217 pm ASTNetherlands vs NamibiaOman Cricket StadiumA
19-Oct-212 pm ASTBangladesh vs ScotlandOman Cricket StadiumB
19-Oct-212 pm ASTPapua New Guinea OmanOman Cricket StadiumB
20-Oct-217 pm ASTIreland Vs NetherlandsOman Cricket StadiumA
20-Oct-212 pm ASTSri Lanka vs NamibiaOman Cricket StadiumA
21-Oct-217 pm ASTScotland Vs Papua New GuineaOman Cricket StadiumB
21-Oct-212 pm ASTBangladesh Vs OmanOman Cricket StadiumB
22-Oct-217 pm ASTIreland Vs NamibiaOman Cricket StadiumA
22-Oct-212 pm ASTSri Lanka Vs NetherlandsOman Cricket StadiumA
23-Oct-217 pm ASTScotland Vs OmanOman Cricket StadiumB
23-Oct-212 pm ASTBangladesh Vs Papua New GuineaOman Cricket StadiumB

Super 12s Stages

Following are fixtures for the Super 12s stage of the tournament

T20 World Cup 2020 1st Group 

24-Oct-217 pm ASTEngland Vs AustraliaUAEGroup 1
24-Oct-212 pm ASTIndia Vs PakistanUAEGroup 2
25-Oct-217 pm ASTA1 Vs B2UAEGroup 1
25-Oct-212 pm ASTSouth Africa Vs West IndiesUAEGroup 1
26-Oct-217 pm ASTAfghanistan Vs A2UAEGroup 2
26-Oct-212 pm ASTNew Zealand Vs B1UAEGroup 2
27-Oct-217 pm ASTEngland Vs A1UAEGroup 1
28-Oct-212 pm ASTAfghanistan Vs B1UAEGroup 2
28-Oct-217 pm ASTAustralia Vs South AfricaUAEGroup 1
29-Oct-217 pm ASTWest Indies Vs A1UAEGroup 1
29-Oct-212 pm ASTPakistan Vs A2UAEGroup 2
30-Oct-217 pm ASTIndia Vs New ZealandUAEGroup 2
30-Oct-212 pm ASTEngland Vs B2UAEGroup 2
31-Oct-217 pm ASTAustralia Vs West IndiesUAEGroup 1
31-Oct-217 pm ASTWest Indies Vs B2UAE
01-Nov-217 pm ASTPakistan Vs New ZealandUAEGroup 1
01-Nov-212 pm ASTIndia Vs AfghanistanUAEGroup 2
02-Nov-217 pm ASTA2 Vs B1UAEGroup 2
02-Nov-212 pm ASTAustralia Vs A1UAEGroup 1
03-Nov-217 pm ASTEngland Vs West IndiesUAEGroup 1
04-Nov-217 pm ASTSouth Africa Vs A1UAEGroup 1
04-Nov-212 pm ASTPakistan Vs AfghanistanUAEGroup 2
05-Nov-217 pm ASTIndia Vs A2UAEGroup 2
05-Nov-217 pm ASTNew Zealand Vs A2UAEGroup 2
06-Nov-217 pm ASTPakistan Vs B1UAEGroup 1
06-Nov-212 pm ASTEngland Vs South AfricaUAEGroup 1
07-Nov-217 pm ASTAustralia Vs B2UAEGroup 2
07-Nov-212 pm ASTSouth Africa Vs B2UAEGroup 1
08-Nov-212 pm ASTIndia Vs B1UAEGroup 2
08-Nov-217 pm ASTNew Zealand Vs AfghanistanUAEGroup 2

IPL Score card Smartcric

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 is the next mega cricket tournament for Indian Cricket fans, which will be held in India between April and May. This year’s tournament features 8 teams from around the world including defending champions Mumbai Indians; with all matches being broadcast live on official TV channels. Smartcric provides sports streaming services during IPL 2022 live games so you can follow your favorite team to victory!

PSL Score card Smartcric

Cricket fans who are struggling to access the Mobilecric website should try using a proxy or virtual private network. Score card is illegal in many countries due to copy-right violations of cricket matches, and sometimes broadcasters such as Star India request ISPs like Airtel not provide internet addresses for sites that stream live video illegally. SmartCric will be delivering PSL 2022 matches via their mobile application on smartphones this season!

SmartCric Smartphone App 

The Smartcric app will be a godsend for cricket lovers as it provides the most up-to-date information on live matches and scores. This means you can watch your favorite players in action, make predictions about future games, or simply follow updates from other fans all while sitting at home! The best part is that this smartphone app is available both on Google Play Store and Apple App store so no matter what kind of phone you use to browse the internet; there’s an application just waiting to give cricket enthusiasts like yourself some relief every day. All we ask of our loyal readership today.


We Don’t Provide Livestreaming on our Site. We just Embed Videos on our Site.

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