West Indies Squad – T20 World Cup 2022

West Indies for T20 World Cup 2022 is not yet announced. All the fans around the world wait for when the defending champions, the West Indies announce their squad for T20 World cup. All the cricket fans know about the legendary Windies but if you just got into cricket, let’s give you a brief history tour. The West Indies Cricket team, administrated by Cricket West Indies, is Men’s cricket team representing a group of islands of Anglophone Caribbean region. West Indies Cricket team are also nicknamed as Windies and are one of the oldest test playing nations after England and Australia.

The Windies were considered to be one of the greatest cricket teams from the 70s to 90s. They won two consecutive Cricket world cups and are also the most successful team in ICC T20 World Cup tournament. A lot of great players such as Sir Vivian Richards, Sir Gary Sobers, Brian Charles Lara, Sir Andy Roberts, Sir Curtly Ambrose etc. hailed from this team. Known for the aggressive cricket they have played throughout the history of cricket. The Windies have an element of surprise to them. Even during the moments of their certain defeat, they can bounce back and win.

West Indies T20 World Cup Squad Prediction

West Indies have had some of the best players in every era and due to the aggressive cricket they have been playing for a long time, they have garnered success in a lot of tournaments they have played as a team. The Windies know no other way other than going all out. Thus, you will see a lot of aggressive style players no matter what the era when it comes to the good old windies.

Due to such playing style, fans always enjoy all the matches the windies play, and there is always a buzz in the ground. Thus you as a fan must also be waiting for the West Indies T20 World Cup Squad to be announced. But all we can do for you is to predict the squad for you. And that we have already done for you. Following are some of the players that we think are going to be a part of West Indies’ campaign for this T20 World cup. They are the defending champions after all who took away the title from England in a breathtaking finale last season. Will they be able to defend their title this time? Let’s ride the tide of time to know about it. 

  1. Kieron Pollard
  2. Hayden Walsh Jr
  3. Darren Bravo
  4. Lendl Simmons
  5. Evin Lewis

Kieron Pollard

Pollard can be considered a specialist when it comes to limit over formats of the game. Although he debuted for Windies in 2007, his career took off when he was picked up by Mumbai Indians in 2010. He had modest stats when MI selected him for IPS session but what they selected him for was his ability to hit the bat hard. That auction for him turned his world upside down and made him a T20 sensation. He garnered a lot of experience in the franchise cricket over the years. He can be considered to be one of the most experienced players for windies in this format. Numerous times he chose franchise cricket over playing for his national side. He was instrumental for the teams he played for all these times. 

His athletics in the field and decent medium makes him an ideal choice for this format. Right now he is captaining his in the T20 internationals. Pollard’s athletic fielding and ability to ball and bat makes him a valuable asset for the team and will be in West Indies T20 world cup squad for this season.

Hayden Walsh Jr

Hayden Walsh Jr is a windies cricketer who first played for the USA. Coming from a family where his father and uncle, both were phenomenal players in the domestic circuit, Hayden had a perfect environment where he nourished his cricketing skills. He debuted in the international scene for the USA against the United Arab Emirates last year. Those were the first international matches played by the USA team. He also represented States in different ODI matches before being selected by Cricket West Indies for their series against Afghanistan in India. He also debuted for windies in ODIs against Afghanistan in the same series. Thus making him one of the few players who have played for two teams in international matches. 

He is currently some of the best bowlers windies have in the T20 format and thus makes an automatic choice in the West Indies T20 world cup squad. His wrong ones bamboozled Indians on their home soil, and his highlight in the games was when he got the scalp of India’s premier batsman Virat Kohli. If the youngster holds his nerves, he sure as hell can be a key to winning some matches for his team

Darren Bravo

Bravo is also one of those players which you can consider as a specialist when it comes to the limited-overs format of cricket. For years he has dominated the limited formats for his country whenever he wasn’t playing due to his recurring injuries. Handy with both bat and ball, he adds another level of charisma in the lineup. He bamboozled a lot of batsmen with his slower ones and has some quick knocks with the bat there and there. If not for his commitment to the franchises, he could have played for his national side a lot more. Due to these commitments, he also pulled out of a central contract that would have bound him to play for the windies all the time.

His profile in the T20 matches speaks for itself. He has played a total of 451 T20 matches scoring over 6000 runs with an impressive strike rate. With such an impressive record, he has always been the prime choice for franchise owners when making their squads for the tournaments. He was also instrumental in the West Indies’ last successful campaign of the T20 world cup.

He has everything that a team needs in its T20 players, handy with the old ball and new, power hitter of the bat, and athletic when it comes to fielding. Fielding is an important perspective as it wins you matches nowadays. Thus we can predict his presence in the West Indies’ squad of the T20 world cup in 2022.

Lendl Simmons

Lendl Simmons, an impressive versatile opening batsman, is one of the fiery T20 specialists from West indies. With the ability to play shots in every nook of the ground, it becomes difficult for fielding side to set any field for him. Simmons made his international debut back in 2006, and over the years has made a successful limited-overs career for himself, not only in his national side but in different franchises around the globe. Despite a disappointing career in Test matches, Simmons has made a name for himself in limited-overs format, especially in T20 cricket, being a constant source of fast runs in the initial phase of the game. He helped his teams win a lot of matches along the span of his long career in franchises.

He was also instrumental for Windies in their way to final of 2016 T20 world cup when he steered his team towards 192 targets given by India. Thus, windies found themselves in the final of the tournament, which they successfully won. Hence, Simmons crucial role in the batting lineup of windies cannot be ignored by Cricket West Indies, and he is certainly going to be the part of West Indies T20 World cup squad. 

Evin Lewis

Like his mentor Chris Gayle, Evin likes to hit big and hit them out of the park. Like most of his peers, he specializes in t20 cricket. He is a modern T20 batsman in a true sense and performs big in important matches, which accounts for his ability to hold his nerves in important matches. He has also played for franchises and proved himself to be a match-winner in the format.

Right now, He is west indie’s best batsman in the format and will be part of T20 World cup squad for his team. 

West Indies T20 World Cup Squad Date

The windies have always played entertaining cricket, whether it is Test, ODIs or T20 internationals, and that is why fans are always left holding their seats when they are watching them play. All of these fans around the world and all the cricket gurus wait for Cricket West Indies to announce their Squad for T20 world cup 2022.

Although no officials from the governing bodies have announced the date for when they will announce the squads, we can speculate that they will announce the squads sometime before the start of the T20 World cup. We can guess that Cricket West Indies will announce the name of the players from the squads sometime during the mid of August to September 2022. The world cup is going to start on the 18th of October 2022, so they have to announce the squads at least a month earlier. That is our speculation, and we are pretty much sure that they will announce the squads during these days. 


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